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Become a Member

Return to the Earth is a cooperative, which means that it is owned and run by it's members. This grass-roots approach to community-building will ensure that our efforts go towards the projects that will best serve the community.

Members Pay Dues

In order to become a member, individuals purchase a membership for $5. Each year, members maintain their membership by paying dues of $25. Membership dues help to pay the administrative costs of the co-op such as running this website. At this time, the co-op has no paid employees.


Members Commit to the Membership Agreement

As part of the membership application process, individuals are asked to sign the Membership Agreement. The Agreement lays out the responsibilities of being a member, as well as the responsibilities of the co-op to its members. There is a link to the Membership Agreement below.


Member Benefits

Being a member of Return to the Earth comes with special benefits. These may change over time as the co-op brings on more sponsors and makes more partnerships within the community. The main benefit at this time is that members enjoy reduced registration prices to events organized by the co-op.

Join us today!

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